Annual Club Membership Fees.

On behalf of the Men’s Club committee, the 2016 Committee wishes all our members a very happy New Year and a great golfing year.

All members should, by now, have received their subscription fee invoice from the PLC. This  week invoices from Men’s Club will issue. The latter is an entirely separate invoice from the PLC invoice and MUST BE PAID by March 31st. 2015. Failure to do so will result in ineligibility to play in any club competitions and suspension of handicaps.

Late payment of fees has been an ongoing problem which is very unfair on the majority of members who pay on time. We would for members’ understanding and cooperation so that late payments will not be an issue in the coming months.

The invoice can be paid by either a bank transfer (bank details will be on the invoice) or by leaving the money with Dominic in the shop. The invoice includes Men’s Club subscription, Insurance (optional) and GUI fee, which increase this year by €2.