Competition Rules

Competition Rules 2017

Knightsbrook Golf Club boasts a tradition of high participation by members and visitors in club and open competitions. All players are expected to adhere to competition rules which are designed to ensure fair-play, improve player etiquette and enhance competitiveness.

General Competition Rules.

  • The competition secretary and committee are responsible for drawing up and interpreting conditions for all competitions. Their decision is final in all matters relating to competitions
  • If the number of participants in a competition is below 10, the competition will be abandoned, no prizes will be awarded and the Entry Fees will be refunded.
  • Ties in all competitions shall be decided as follows: last 18, 9, 6, 3, 2, 1 holes.
  • In match play, if level after 18 holes – thereafter sudden death (starting at the 1st)
  • Persons in arrears (Annual Subscription and Competition Fees) will not be eligible to win prizes in any competition.
  • Before commencing your round please complete the following steps: 1. Pay the entry fee in the golf-shop. (No casual golf is permitted during official competition time). 2. Enter for the competition on the computer. On completion of your round, enter your score in the computer and then put your signed scorecard in the slot for scorecards beside the computer monitor.
  • Members must ensure that scorecards are signed by a fellow member that is signed into the club competition.
  • Players are responsible for the proper return of their scorecards. This card should have the date, competition details, handicap, signature and the gross score for stroke play, four ball, foursomes and preferable the points filled in for each hole to assist in the efficient processing of cards.
  • Players who do not return their score cards after competitions. This impacts on the CSS calculation and effects all players’ handicap adjustments. Clauses 23 and 24 of the UHS gives Handicap Committees discretion to deal with players who persistently submit incomplete cards or make Non Returns, if it considers they are attempting to build a handicap. (Pg. 85 CONGU Unified Handicap System). Players failing to return scorecards on completion of their round cause the Handicap Committee additional work and the club would be entitled to suspend a player’s right to compete in club competitions for a specified period or for more persistent offences suspend his handicap for an appropriate period. (Clause 17 Dec.1 (p) CONGU Unified Handicap System). The committee of The Men’s Committee of Knightsbrook golf Club has decided that failure to return 3 cards will result in disciplinary action by the committee under the appropriate clause.
  • Golfing Union of Ireland Rules regarding Amateur Status applies in all competitions.
  • Failure to enter your score in the computer for singles competitions may result in disqualification, unless in the exceptional case the computer was out of order, and the player indicates this on his scorecard.
  • Members must ensure that scorecards are signed by a fellow member of Knightsbrook Golf Club in all members’ competitions.
  • Players are also responsible for checking the details of conditions of play on club notice board prior to competitions.
  • Members must make every effort to ensure that their playing partners are not discommoded by late withdrawals. Late withdrawals and or failure to inform Competitions’ Committee in good time are not acceptable and the Committee will apply the “no show” policy.
  • Members who are noted to be regular “no-shows” or who are habitually late for their tee time will receive the following sanctions:
    • Their name will be placed on the “No Show” list in the clubhouse and will remain there for one month.
    • Should they persist their name will be posted for another month.
    • If necessary, thereafter suspension of handicap will apply.

Slow Play

  • Please avoid slow play. The Competition Committee will monitor all reports of slow play.
  • If a match fails to keep its place and loses more than one clear hole on players in front, it should allow the match following to pass. Players in a competition shall have precedence both in starting and through the green over players playing ordinary matches.

Prizes and presentations

  • Prize-winners are asked to attend Presentations or make suitable alternative arrangements for prizes to be collected at the presentation.
  • Where a prize winner cannot attend at presentations, arrangements should be made for the attendance of a substitute representative and should be notified in advance to the Committee.
  • Prizes not collected within 21 days of competition will be redistributed at the discretion of the Competitions’ Committee.

Course etiquette

  • Please replace divots, repair pitch marks, and rake bunkers.
  • Local Rules are located on notice boards in the clubhouse.

Match Play

  • Current Handicap for all match play competitions with the full difference in singles, 90% of the difference with the lowest going to scratch in Fourball and half the combined difference of current handicaps in Foursomes.

Open Draws

  • All G.O.Y competitions will be by open draw. Each draw will take place 48 hours prior to competitions. All members must play within the designated club competition times. Request by members for specific times (within competition times) must be made to the competition committee at least 24 hours prior to draws. Once the draw is posted, no changes can be made by individual members. Any unauthorised changes will result in disqualification from the competition.

The following are the club Major competitions:

President’s Prize, Captain’s Prize, Vice-Captains’ Prizes, Lady Captain’s Prize, Monthly Medals (March, April, May, June, July, August.)

In order to win any prize in the above major competitions a player:

  • Must be a paid up full member of Knightsbrook Golf Club
  • Must have completed and returned at least 3 single qualifying club competitions in Knightsbrook Golf Club prior to any major competition.

Golfer of the Year

  • Golfer of the year will be played over 10 competitions marked in the competitions’ fixture listings.
  • The player may select their best 8 scores from the 10 events.

The competitions which count for the Golfer of the Year are as follows:

  • The President’s Prize, Captain’s Prize, Vice Captains’ Prize, Lady Captain’s Prize, March Medal, April Medal, May Medal, June Medal, July Medal, August Medal.

Points scale: (nett scores)

1st-15pts, 2nd-12pts, 3rd-10pts, 4th-8pts, 5th-6pts, 6th-5pts, 7th– 4pts, 8th-3pts, 9th-2pts, 10th– 1pt.

Please note handicap categories are as follows

  • Class 1: Handicap range 0 – 9
  • Class 2: Handicap range 10 – 18
  • Class 3: Handicap range 19 – 28

Singles Match Play, Fourball Match Play & Scotch Foursomes Matchplay

Deadline dates will be strictly enforced. Failure to play the match within the allotted time will result in the disqualification of both players unless prior agreement has been obtained from the Competitions’ Secretary.

  • All first round matches must be completed on time.
  • Both players, pairings are responsible for arranging their match.

The committee has the sole discretion as it sees fit to amend the rules.

Please see Men’s Notice Board for Knightsbrook GC Competition Rules Book 2017