23rd November, 2021


  • Commencing  Saturday 6th November
  • 13 hole Stableford competition
  • Green tees
  • Full winter rules in place
  • Competition to run for 5 consecutive weekends with 1 score for each competitor going forward to their overall total
  • Each member can play both Saturday and Sunday with their best score going forward
  • Conditions permitting, the course will alternate between weekends (1) 1 – 13   (2) 1 – 6 and 12 – 18
  • Normal weekly prizes will apply
  • Competitors will start with 13/18ths of their official playing handicap with the following temporary cuts applying: 1st place – handicap minus 1.0…2nd place – handicap minus 0.5 and 3rd place – handicap minus 0.5
  • The competition entry fee will be 5.00 euro to be paid in the golf shop prior to commencement of the 1st round.
  • 100% of all entry fees will be added to the purse
  • Weekly updates will be posted on the notice board at the computer

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